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Success of any dental treatment depends 50% on the treatment given by dentist and 50% on the patients care and maintenance. Excellent and expensive dental treatment without proper maintenance by the patient results in failure of the treatment. Various longitudinal and cross-sectional epidemiological studies has shown the deterioration of the dental health in absence of maintenance. The main aim of recall visit is to provide supervised control for the patient in order to maintain a healthy and functional dentition for life. “It is only with regular recall visits to the dentist the disease can be identified at an early stage and treated:.

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What goes on in your mouth can affect the rest of our body

What goes on in the rest of your body can have an effect on our mouth

Periodontitis (gum disease) is an infectious, inflammatory disease of gums and the surrounding bone. It is caused by the bacteria accumulated on plaque and tartar. Periodontitis if untreated leads to loss of tooth supporting structures, ultimately leading to loss of tooth and bad breath. In addition to the loss of tooth, gum infection also has a role in the deterioration of general health of the person. Many chemicals called cytokines and other inflammatory mediators produced in our body during gum infection can transfer through the blood to various organs, causing disruption of their function. Various studies have been conducted proposing the influence of Periodontitis on general health and a relation has been proven.

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Laser Dentistry – Adopting Technological Advancements for State of the Art and Avant Garde Care for our Patients

The dental laser is the latest in modern innovations for the 21st Century and is a new paradigm for patient comfort, according a painless experience and furthermore providing for minimally invasive treatments with no postoperative discomfort, swelling or morbidity. The laser is revolutionizing dental care—just as it has in so many other areas of our lives. Let technology transform your life...step into Painless, Precision, and Minimally Invasive Dentistry, into a delightful and gratifying experience.

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Implantology - A shining beacon of hope & care focusing on our patient, with a sound understanding of clinical and biological views

Loss of teeth is physically and psychologically distressing. Various treatment modalities have been given traditionally for the replacement of teeth; these include Removable options using plastic (acrylic) dentures or Fixed options using porcelain or metal teeth cemented on to the prepared remaining dentition after cutting sound enamel and dentin to make space for the crown material.

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